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  • Aroma Car Content: The Car Scenter is the perfect car air freshener from our range of innovative aromatherapy diffusers. Surround yourself with mood-enhancing natural fragrances whenever you are on the road. Application: Simply apply a few drops of essential oil on the resable pads and insert into the aromatherapy diffuser. Plug the diffuser into the car lighter socket and within minutes you will experience the benefits of your chosen pure essential oil. Unplug the diffuser if the light remains lit after turning off the engine to avoid draining the car battery.
  • Cool Air Aroma Diffuser Content:Oshadhi Coolair Aroma Diffuser uses a practical fan system which effectively disperses the essential oils in form of micro particles from a pad into the air. The flavour of essential oils remains pure and unadulterated because no heat is used. Similar to the wind spreading the fragrances of blossoms, leaves and fruits, a constant aromatic breeze is being diffused throughout the room generating a relaxed atmosphere. Application: Apply a few drops of essential oils on the reusable cartridge, put it in place under the Coolair Aroma Diffuser and switch it on to your preferred speed.
  • Diffuser Crystal with wooden base Content:This essential oil diffuser easily spreads the essential oil particles in the air without heat, which allows you to easily smell the essential oil in it's true nature. Enjoy the essential oil's authentic smell. Application: Drop 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil into the diffuser glass and cover the glass cap. Note that the essential oil should not cover the inner tube. It is best to just use 1 type of essential oil at a time.
  • Micro Diffuser ‘Silence’ for rooms up to 100 sqm