Macerates are made by soaking specific medicinal plants in carrier oils in order to extract the plants unique properties. The carrier oils are enriched with the fat soluble components of these plants in a process which may take up to 45 days. These macerates can be further mixed with essential oils.

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  • Arnica (in Olive Oil) organic

    Art.No: 6682 Cultivation: Origin: France
  • Calendula (in Almond Oil)

    Art.No: 6681 Cultivation: Origin: Germany
  • Centella (in sweet Almond Oil) organic

    Art.No: 6660 Cultivation: Origin: Madagascar
  • Daisy (in Sunflower Oil) organic

    Art.No: 6679 Cultivation: Origin: France
  • Rose Blossom (in sweet Almond Oil) organic

    Art.No: 6685 Cultivation: Origin: Germany
  • St. John’s Wort (in Olive Oil) organic

    Art.No: 6678 Cultivation: Origin: France