Jojoba Gold

A “golden line“ of precious skin care Essential oils in pure Jojoba oil. For the facial skin, neck, hands and breast to slow down aging of the skin cells.

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  • Immortella-Jojoba

    Art no: 5855 Description: Purifying: The fine fragrance of this complex conveys the subtle influence of pure Immortella oils, known for ist purifying effect on the skin tissue.You have a wonderfully perfumed synergitsic blend to help you sustain a lustrous and healthy complexion. Contents: Helichrysum, Golden Rod, Spike Lavender, Jojoba
  • Jojoba Rose

    Art no: 5840 Contents:Rose bulg. (3%) in pure Jojoba
  • Thyme-Jojoba

    Art No: 5865 Description: The specially selected oils of this exceptional blend help the skin to release toxins and to fight against bacteria and impurities (pimples, akne, etc.), detrimental to a healthy skin. Contents: Thyme Thymol, Thyme Linalool, Atlas Cedar, Jojoba