Oshadhi Major Product


Oshadhi has the widest range of available essential oils and related products with many hundreds of oils, including quite rare species or cultivars of many plants from around the world. In addition to essential oils we provide Absolutes (for certain oils that require this process of distillation), Hydrosols (Floral Waters), Synergy Blends, Massage Oils, Carrier Oils, Essential Oil Perfumes, Macerates, Bath and Hair Oils, and Body Care products.

We will highlight some of these categories for you here:

Essential Oils:


An extraordinary variety of over 500 essential oils, many of them certified organic, is at the core of the Oshadhi product brand. We go to great lengths to find and offer the rare cultivars that provide unique beneficial and therapeutic qualities, many of which are simply not generally seen in the commercial market due to the difficulty and rarity of sourcing them.

In order to provide clarity, we supply the exact botanical name for each essential oil so that you know what you are getting. For example Cedar, Atlas from Morocco is not actually directly related to Texas Cedar, which is really a relative of the Juniper plant! The botanical name designation, source country, plant part used, and type of cultivation are set forth on our labels.

Using Essential Oils:


Essential oils are a delightful way to enhance your personal feelings of well-being as well as create an environment of upliftment, joy, calm and harmony. The olfactory sense is connected to the deepest wells of memory and emotions situated in the limbic system and they have the power to evoke memories that unlock inner feelings of joy and creativity. They also represent a natural way to develop an inviting or captivating mood in your surroundings, and because they are natural they allow you to scent your room or yourself without adding to the environmental artificial chemical load to which we are normally subjected with all the synthetic air fresheners, synthetic fragrances in products or in perfumes. You will also find that essential oils interact with your body in a way that helps to create what you can call your own personal scent that can be part of your unique personal appeal; while chemical fragrances simply overpower the natural process in a very artificial way.


Besides personal fragrancing and the art of perfumery, essential oils can be used with an oil diffuser to spread the scent into a room, and can be used for potpourri as well. Many people add essential oils to bath water, or use it for massage or to fragrance unscented body lotions, shampoos or conditioners with a fragrance of choice. Certain essential oils also have a long history of culinary use and others of course have a long history in the healing arts going back thousands of years.

Hydrosols (Floral Waters):


Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, are a by-product of the distillation process that yields the essential oils. They carry the note of the fragrance, generally in a much more subtle form, and are used widely to provide a light scent at a much lower cost than the pure essential oil. They may be found in various cosmetic preparations as well as being sold separately.


Rose floral waters are perhaps the most popular variety and they bring the delightful, sweet scent of roses at a fraction of the cost of pure rose essential oil.

Synergy Blends:

The Synergy Blends are combinations of essential oils developed to achieve certain moods, characteristics or energetic benefits. In order for a blend to be effective, it not only needs to bring together the desired properties, but the complexity of the fragrance notes needs to work to create a pleasant and supportive finished product.

All essential oils have what are called fragrance notes and a good synergy blend will ensure that the top notes, the very fine high subtle fragrances are not overpowered or overwhelmed by the deep, earthy or musky notes, for example. The art of blending synergies is one that involves long study and practice, along with a fine perfumer nose, and this is an art that has been perfected over many decades by Oshadhi in its wide range of synergy blends.

Carrier Oils:


Carrier oils are used to provide a suitable base oil for adding a small amount of essential oil to create a massage oil, body oil or a bath oil that can extend the essential oil and make it feasible to be used for massage or as a body moisturizer.

Common carrier oils include Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Sesame oil, Walnut oil and Jojoba oil, to name a few. Each of them has various qualities that indicate us for one purpose or another. For instance, Apricot Kernel is frequently used for the face, while Sweet Almond Oil is commonly applied as a massage or body oil base, due to the weight and absorption characteristics of the specific oils. Oshadhi supplies a range of high quality carrier oils, including organically certified oils, to meet every need.


Oshadhi has brought the art of natural perfumery to its perfection with an exquisite range of blended essential oils to suit any mood or personal fragrance option.

Our most popular Perfumes are Roots and Fleur de Paradis, but we actually have a large selection of these blends developed to provide ranges from fine and subtle floral note, to the rich, musky allure of the sensual earthy fragrances.

Body Care Products:

Over the years OSHADHI has developed products that enhance and preserve beauty using our deep knowledge and understanding of essential oils, always keeping in mind that true beauty comes from within.


In 2014 OSHADHI is introducing its full line of Organic Cosmetics. The line has been developed with experts in the field of cosmetics and integrates the use of the finest OSHADHI essential oils in the recipes to create powerful and effective products which nurture and care for the skin in a Natural and holistic way.


This line is the culmination of three years of development to ensure a set of products that respect the body’s balance, take advantage of Nature’s beauty secrets and represent zero compromise between effectiveness and health.