Distillation of Essential Oils

Distillation of Essential Oils:

Distillation demonstration in our Aromatherapy
training center, Aurel,High Provence, France

One of the major differentiating factors for the quality of an essential oils the method and care used in the distillation.Most of the essential oils supplied by Oshadhi are extracted by a method known as steam distillation.

In this process, no chemical solvents are used. It is not however a simple matter of distillation, because there are different techniques, some using high pressure or high heat to speed up the process (and thereby resulting in lower quality end result), or those that involve slow distillation at low heat, which is how Oshadhi oils are distilled under this method. This results in a more complete extraction with richer, subtler fragrances than the process used commercially to obtain fast, high volume results.

Lemon Yellow Cold pressed

The citrus oils in general, are not steam distilled, but are cold-pressed. This process protects the delicate citrus peel from the effects of heat which otherwise would result in a totally different quality and richness of fragrance.

For certain delicate flowers or specific medicinal plants one has to use different forms of solvent extraction, and this yields a product known as an Absolute. In this method, it is important to avoid the use of certain toxic solvents, stick to various heat / solvent processes and parameters and ensure that all solvents are cleanly removed from the end result. Oshadhi supplies the state of the art Absolutes for those plants which require such treatment.

Tuberose, India, an exquisite absolute of