Courses & Seminars

History and mission

Dr. Malte Hozzel in action at Orto de Prouvenco, Aurel, High Provence
Courses in Aromatherapy are given since 15 years at Orto de Prouvenco, in the heart of beautiful Provence. Numerous participants keep a fond memory of the enchanting landscapes and the depth of the teachings.

Dr. Malte Hozzel, a worldwilde known aromatolog and connoisseur of plants, is the leading soul of these seminars and courses. Other very knowledgeable and talented aromatologs from all over the world such as Lydia Bosson from Switzerland, or Jo June from Taiwan have contributed giving this place a high quality level in the Aromatherapy world.

Lydia Bosson, one of our main trainer, having fun in rose petals
Courses are usually going over a period of one week to 2 weeks maximum, every year from May to August.
In-depth training in Aromatherapy and discovery of Provencal plants that are the source of many essential oils, form the main part of the course.
One participant in front of Gordes, a gorgeous village from High Provence
Every outing in the beautiful landscape of Provence is an opportunity to discover the rich flora of herbs and Plants. Mixing up fun and training is the best way of learning and the smiles of our participants are here to prove it !For detailed information, please fill up your request at Contact us.
Lavender essential oil demonstration of distillation at the Training center, Aurel, with Guy, a typical local. And not to forget: Having fun !
The trainer for Asia, Jo June and son, during an outing
Dr Malte Hozzel with participants
Visiting a local Essential oil producer
t6Stopping at a field of wild fennel
t7Visiting the Prieuré de Salagon, a provencal herb garden
t10A lot of participants, especially those from Asia, are also here to discover Provence.