Our aftershave is – like all our products – made out of pure and natural ingredients. 100% pure essential oils in ethanol, tuned together to refresh the skin after shaving and – due to their anti-bacterial properties – to prevent potential inflammations or impurities.

  • Aftershave – Light & Fresh – Organic – Fresh

    Art. no5420 Content:Bergamot dist., Lemon, Mandarine,...
  • Aftershave – Organic – Bitter, fresh

    Art. no:5400 Content:Rosa Rubiginosa, Rosemary Cineol, Rose Geranium, Mint, Lemon, Cistus, Sandalwood,...
  • Aftershave – Spice for Man – Organic – Spicy, bloomy

    Art.no:5415 ContentBergamot dist., Lavender Highland, Oregano,...
  • Aftershave Extra – Organic – Spicy, earthy

    Art.no 5405 Content: Rosa Rubiginosa, Vetiver